Viscom Software Screen2Video ActiveX Control


Welcome to Screen2Video Gold ActiveX Control, this ActiveX Control for C#, VB.Net, Visual Basic ,Visual Foxpro ,Delphi, .Net and Visual C++.

With Screen2Video Gold ActiveX Control control your application immediately support following features

Record screen activity, mouse movement to H264 MP4.(support MP4 progressive download for streaming), vcd, svcd, dvd, swf, flv, avi ( compressed or uncompressed), or wmv files.

Support RTMP Live Streaming screen activity, microphone phone or audio mixing specific audio device with Speaker or specific playback device to Facebook live, Youtube Live, Twitch, Wowza Media Server or Adobe Media Server.

Support add metadata when output MP4 video.

Support GPU Acceleration(NVIDA, AMD, Intel) when capturing to MP4 file. Custom NVIDA Preset. it can minimize usage of CPU , let the output video quality is better or output Low-Latency MP4 file.

Set the NVIDA Preset if your computer support use NVIDA GPU for capturing to MP4 file.

Support Record and audio mixing specific audio device with Speaker or specific playback device at same time (include support Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, vista)

Record any monitor screen from a multi-monitor system.

Support Zoom in, Zoom out to specific area when screen capturing.

Support Pause, Resume when screen capturing.

Allow use mp3 audio codec and adjust audio bitrate, sample rate, channels when save to avi file.

Draw texts, images, date time on video when  screen capturing.

Draw Multi images, texts on video in same time.

Draw overlay time stamp (18 different date formats) on video.

User define transparent color, alpha value when draw images on video.

Draw multi-line overlay text on video provide over 50 different text styles.

Capture full screen or portion of the screen.

Capture screen from specific window handle.

Capture Ms Window Media player and game (need turn off Hardware acceleration).

User define capturing frame rate.

Enable or Disable capture mouse cursor.

Support Custom WMV Profiles.You can output WMV 9 format, configure streams to use variable bit rate encoding (VBR), uncompressed audio or video stream, Video Size, Buffer Size, Frame rate, etc.

Video /Audio Compressors Setting before save to avi file.

WMV Profile setting.

Easy to use. Screen2Video ActiveX control can simply be dropped onto a form or dialog.

Capture Audio from different audio input pin, include microphone.

No need Window Media Encoder 9.