Viscom Software VideoCap ActiveX Control


Welcome to VideoCap Pro ActiveX Control, this ActiveX Control for Visual Basic ,Visual Foxpro ,Delphi, Visual C++,

ASP.NET, VB.Net, C# and J#. With VideoCap Pro ActiveX Control control your application immediately

support video capture,  using Microsoft® Windows® Driver Model (WDM) devices or legacy Microsoft® Video for

Windows® (VFW) devices. snapshot photo , camera settings such as zoom, pan adjustment, or shutter speed and 

Video Standard Control. (PAL or NTSC).

VideoCap Pro ActiveX functionality includes:

  • Capture Video from web cam, capture card, tv tuner, dv cam, dvd player to AVI or WMV 9, WMV8 file format.
  • Draw overlay time stamp (18 different date formats) on a video stream.
  • Draw Multi images, texts on a video stream.
  • Support Scrolling Banner Text, custom define scrolling direction, font name, font size, background color, text color and fade edge effect.
  • Capture Video from webcam, capture card, IP Camera, tv tuner, dv cam, dvd player to H264 MP4 on any Windows OS. (need MP4 Encoder plugin )
  • Support GPU Acceleation (NVIDA, AMD, Intel) when encoding to MP4 file. Custom NVIDA Preset. it can minimize usage of CPU , let the output video quality is better or output Low-Latency MP4 file.
  • Support view HTTP MJPEG IP Camera and Record a Live Stream to AVI, MP4 file.
  • Support view RTSP IP Camera and Record a Live Stream to AVI, MP4 file. (need purchased our H264 RTSP IP Camera plugin)
  • Support Chroma key effect with WMV, WebM, MP4, MOV, AVI, DIVX, FLV, MPEG1, MPEG2, VOB AVCHD, MKV Video Files in real time, support use eye dropper to select the transparent color, adjust Tolerance and Edge softness for remove background (green color) completely and it can add real time effects and save the mixed video into MP4, AVI, WMV file (need purchased our chroma key plugin, if output MP4 file need MP4 Encoder plugin)
  • Support Screen Capture with highlight color , left click effect, right click effect, custom cursor file and support capture full screen or part of screen and support multi-monitor screen capture.(need purchased our Virtual Screen Capture Plugin).
  • Apply Picture in Picture Effect, including Video Capture + Image or Video Capture + Video Capture, adjust alpha channel and the position of video capture/image.
  • Add Moving effect, Zoom in , Zoom out effect at specific time when use Picture in Picture Effect.
  • Motion Detection for specific region (need purchased our Motion Detection Plugin).
  • Support face detection and face tracking. It allow capture the detected face to JPEG file. (need purchased our Face Detection Fx Plugin).
  • Support apply Distoring Mirror, Twins, Mosaic special effect to entire screen or selected video portions. (need purchased our Face Detection Fx Plugin).
  • Support drawing freehand line, circle, rectangle, Bucket Fill, Erase and Zoom the video. (need purchased our Video Painter Plugin).
  • Support add over 190 beautiful frame on video (need purchased our Video Frame Plugin).
  • Draw overlay bitmap on a video stream. User define transparent color, alpha value.
  • Support dual display feature, the video will display full screen in monitor 2. (support dynamic Show or Hide the screen in monitor 2)
  • Support  InvertColor, GrayScale, Rotate,Mirror, Hue, Lighntess effects on a video stream.
  • Preview Video and Snapshot From IP Camera.
  • Capture Video From IP Camera to AVI file (uncompressed or compressed using any available codec)
  • Support access password protected IP Camera.
  • Support almost all IP Camera that support MJPEG stream.
  • Capture directly to a file or save video stream to memory.
  • Camera Control from selected video source (e.g Brightness, Contrast)
  • Full support for TV tuners.
  • Programmatically change channels.
  • Programmatically change the video input sources including the TV Tuner, S-Video or composite video.