Version 9.0 (22 July 2014 released)

Version 8.4 (09 December 2012 released)

  • improved when center the image ( View=12 ), now it can zoom in , zoom out, rotate, flip vertical or flip horizontal.
  • supported on Window 8.

  • Version 8.3 (13 December 2011 released)

  • added digital signed for ocx and exectuable of installer files.
  • added 2010 and c# 2010 samples , fixed samples cannot run on 64 bit OS issue.

  • Version 8.2 (26 May 2011 released)

  • fixed view the fax documents (TIFF) that display wrong aspect ratio issue.
  • fixed wrong aspect ratio issue for Save, PrintImage, PrintImage2Printer, OCR2SearchablePDF, OCR2SearchableMultipagePDF methods when open the fax documents.

  • Version 8.0 (25 March 2011 released)

  • improved OCR engine. Now OCR processing will more accurate when you call OCRStartScan or OCR2SearchablePDF or OCR2SearchableMultipagePDF methods.
  • fixed repeat OCR same document, each time OCR text result will different issue.

  • Version 7.8 (2 Dec 2010 released)

  • fixed change view property , it have setfocus issue.
  • fixed the refresh desktop issue when call Zoom to Width, Zoom to Height.
  • added rotate image at specific angle.
  • added allow accept drop file from window explorer.
  • added Blank Page detection, Get the Confidence value of specific page.
  • added RotateAt, BlankPageIsBlank, BlankPageGetConfidence methods.
  • added EnableDropFile property.

  • Version 7.5 (30 June 2009 released)
  • added support MNG, JNG, Raw image (cr2, nef , crw, mrw, raf, erf, 3fr, dcr, raw, dng, pef,  x3f, arw, sr2, mef, prf) image format.
  • added allow rotate multipage TIFF or PDF or rotate specific page no.
  • added ClearRotateMultiPageOnly, RotateMultiPage,  RotateMultiPageOnly methods.

  • Version 7.0 (5 Jan 2009 released)
  • added allow change color resolution.
  • added CovertTo1bpp, CovertTo4bpp, CovertTo8bpp, CovertTo8bppGrayScale, CovertTo16bppRGB555, CovertTo16bppRGB565, CovertTo24bpp, CovertTo32bpp, CovertTo32bppARGB methods.
  • added allow center the image. Set the view property to 12, it will center the image.
  • added TIFMergeMultiFiles method.
  • added allow output searchable PDF/a file when use OCR Plug-In Module.
  • added OCR2SearchableMultipagePDF, OCR2SearchablePDF methods with OCR Plug-In Module.
    Version 6.5
  • added OCR plug-in module.
  • fixed when filename="" unlock issue.
    Version 6.2
  • fixed some TIFF crash issue.
    Version 6.1
  • added support left mouse panning.
    Version 6.0
  • redesign panning, auto zoom, draw selection rectangle features.
  • added merge, swap, add, delete page of TIFF file without decoding.
  • improved crop image feature.
    Version 5.1
  • improved read EXIF method.
    Version 5.0
  • added support JPEG 2000, PCX, PNG, WBMP, TGA, PGX, RAS, PNM image files
  • improved Very smooth scrolling when display big image file.
  • added Create thumbnail image.
  • Support Capture image from URL.
  • Support load image from IStream.
  • Support drag scroll image.
    Version 4.5
  • redesign Read/Write EXIF information method, now it can read all EXIF tags.
  • redesign printing method.
  • added photo border.
  • added alpha value of overlay text.
  • added overlay image features.
    Version 4.0
  • added Read/Write EXIF information.
  • added ImportFromPictureBox method.
  • added Read/Write image to database field.
  • added mark a selection, crop, zoom in , zoom out on selection.
    Version 3.0
  • added drawtext method and provide over 50 different text styles.
  • added PasteFromClipboard method.
  • added support CreateObject instance the ocx.