Version 17.0 (15 May 2022 released)

  • updated Advanced PDF Viewer , fixed cannot display texts on some PDF version 1.6 or 1.7 files and some text fields cannot display in Fillable PDF file. It is Big Update.
  • fixed use Advanced PDF Viewer load the PDF file, then call Save or SaveBySize or PrintImage method. It will locked the PDF file
  • updated the OCR engine. Now it is more easy to use and install. support English, German, Fraktur, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese,Spanish language dictionary only. Now output searchable PDF file will increase accuracy.
  • updated output PDF image quality when you input PDF file and call OCR2SearchableMultipagePDF or OCR2SearchablePDF method.
  • added three new OCRRecognizeMode (3-5) modes. Clear Text Background Mode, Clear Text Background Plus enhance brightness Mode and Clear Noise Mode. It will improve the OCR quality and increase accuracy.
  • added OCR2SearchablePDFAutoCloseFile property,if set this property to true it solved input multipage PDF file, then call OCR2SearchableMultipagePDF, sometime cannot create a searchable PDF file issue.
  • removed OCR2SearchablePDFFontFile, OCR2SearchablePDFFontName properties.
  • fixed OCR2SearchableMultipagePDF or OCR2SearchablePDF method, it cannot OCR last character of image.
  • added viscomocrconverter.dll.
  • updated MS Access 2016, VB.NET 2010, VB.NET 2019, C#2010, C#2019, VB6 OCR,OCRPDF samples.
  • Version 16.0 (19 October 2021 released)

  • fixed BarCodeReadFullPage , BarCodeReadByZone methods cannot scan multiple barcode and cannot detect some QR Code.
  • fixed inserted texts vertically flipped or mirror issue when use PDFEditAddWatermarkText1 and PDFEditAddWatermarkText2 methods.
  • fixed inserted image vertically flipped or mirror issue when use PDFEditAddWatermarkImage methods.
  • updated PDFEditDeletePage method , after deleted the page, it will reduce PDF file size.
  • updated PDFEditSplit method , after split the PDF will reduce the both PDF files size (In old version, if PDF file size is 100MB, after split PDF into two PDF files. The file size remain 100MB for Each PDF file.)
  • updated PDFEditMergeEx method, It will reduces the size of a Merged PDF file for selected the start page and end page.
  • updated PDFEditAddPage method, it will reduce the output PDF files size. The old verson will double the output PDF file size.
  • added PrintImage and PrintImage2Printer methods support display the text in multiple pages if inserted text using DrawText for multiple pages.
  • updated VB.NET 2010, VB.NET 2019 PDFEdit samples.
  • Version 15.0 (12 July 2021 released)

    Version 14.0 (18 February, 2021 released)

    Version 13.5 (17 May, 2020 released)

    Version 13.0 (9 Jan, 2020 released)

    Version 12.0 (7 March 2019 released)

    Version 11.5 (11 March 2018 released)

    Version 11.0 (18 December 2017 released)

    Version 10.5 (30 January 2017 released)

    Version 10.0 (26 July 2016 released)

    Version 9.6 (3 June 2016 released)

    Version 9.5 (21 October 2015 released)

    Version 9.1 (17 October 2014 released)

    Version 9.0 (17 July 2014 released)

    Version 8.3 (26 January 2014 released)

    Version 8.2 (13 August 2013 released)

    Version 8.1 (9 December 2012 released)

    Version 8.0 (7 September 2012 released)


    Version 7.4 (2 December 2011 released)
    Version 7.3 (7 Oct 2011 released)

    Version 7.2 (22 Aug 2011 released)

    Version 7.0 (23 May 2011 released)
  • added support search the text in your PDF. Matches to your search terms will be highlighted or draw the rectangle. Custom define highlighted or rectangle color.
  • fixed view the fax documents (TIFF) that display wrong aspect ratio issue.
  • fixed wrong aspect ratio issue for Save, Image2PDF, PrintImage, PrintImage2Printer, OCR2SearchablePDF, OCR2SearchableMultipagePDF methods when open the fax documents.
  • added PDFFindTextDrawRect, PDFFindTextFillRect methods.

  • Version 6.8 (9 March 2011 released)
  • improved loading TIFF feature. Now the loading time will faster.
  • improved OCR engine. Now OCR processing will more accurate when you call OCRStartScan or OCR2SearchablePDF or OCR2SearchableMultipagePDF methods.
  • fixed repeat OCR same document, each time OCR text result will different issue.
  • updated Barcode reader, Now barcode reader will more accurate.
  • Version 6.5 (16 Jan 2011 released)
  • added DICOM plugin support display DICOM images, read all patient metadata from DICOM images.
  • fixed draw a selection rectangle from center to upper left(make sure you go to 0 on top or left) , then Crop, Crop2Clipboard, Crop2HBITMAP, Crop2Image methods failed issue.
  • updated DrawSelectionRect method.
  • fixed display multi-page TIF files, reset to the default zoom level issue, now it will set the same zoom level on the next page.
  • added DICOMDisplayAllFrame, DICOMDisplayAllFrameStartFrom, DICOMGetTagsSubItemName, DICOMGetTagsSubItemValue, DICOMGetTagsSubItemCount, DICOMGetTagsName, DICOMGetTagsCount, DICOMDisplayFrame, DICOMLoadImage, DICOMGetTotalPage methods.
  • added DICOMPlaying event.

  • Version 6.0 (24 Oct 2010 released)
  • fixed allow open TIFF with JPEG compression (include wang annotations).
  • added allow add barcode writer plugin generate Codabar, Codec 11, Code128A, Code128B, Code128C, Codec 3 of 9, Industrial 2 from 5, Interleave 2 from 5, Matrix 2 from 5, Code 128, EAN 8, EAN 13, Plessey, UPC-A, UPC-E Barcode.
  • added Blank Page detection, Get the Confidence value of specific page.
  • added allow set the alignment of text when call drawtext method.
  • added allow draw image from HBITMAP handle.
  • added BarCodeWriterFitToRect, BarCodeWriterGetErrorMessage, BarCodeWriterLeftTopPos, BarCodeWriterPreview, BarCodeWriterSave, BarCodeWriterSaveHBITMAP,
    BarCodeWriterSetFontSize, BarCodeWriterSetHeight, BarCodeWriterSetOutputArea, BarCodeWriterSetStandard, BarCodeWriterSetValue, BarCodeWriterShowCheckDigit, BarCodeWriterShowText methods
  • added DrawImageHBITMAP, DrawTextAlignment, DeleteBitmapHandle method.
  • added BlankPageGetConfidence and BlankPageIsBlank methods.
  • Version 5.5 (8 July 2010 released)
  • fixed open some tiff, report wrong page no.issue.
  • fixed change view property , it have setfocus issue.
  • added draw arc, bezier, ellipse, circle, line, pie, rectangle, filled ellipse, filled pie, filled rectangle, texture line with alpha channel support. (You may use DrawFillRectangle method highlight the text on image)
  • added allow use JPEG compression, adjust quality when save to PDF/A file with Save, SaveBySize, CreateThumbnail OCR2SearchablePDF and OCR2SearchableMultipagePDF methods ) . it can output small file size.
  • added allow use Anti-Aliasing algorithm when call drawtext method.
  • added allow accept drop file from window explorer.
  • added draw overlay image with user define resolution,interpolation mode.
  • added allow use Asynchronous Mode or Blocking Mode for OCRStartScan method.
  • added OCRScanTextAsync method.
  • added ClearDrawArc, ClearDraBezier, ClearDrawEllipse, ClearDrawFillEllipse, ClearDrawFillPie,ClearDrawFillRectangle, ClearDrawLine, ClearDrawPie, ClearDrawRectangle,
    ClearDrawTexturedLine, ClearDrawPageOnly methods.
  • added DrawArc, DrawBezier, DrawEllipse, DrawFillEllipse, DrawFillPie, DrawFillRectangle, DrawLine, DrawPie, DrawRectangle, DrawTexturedLine, DrawImageEx methods.
  • updated DrawText method.
  • added EnableDropFile property.
  • added PDFJPEGQuality, PDFUseJPEGCompression properties.
  • updated samples.

  • Version 5.2 (22 Jan 2010 released)
  • added rotate image at specific angle.
  • added get the type of compression of TIFF file.
  • added Export specific pages from multipage TIFF without decoding the TIFF.
  • updated TIFMergeMultiFiles method that allow custom delimit substrings.
  • fixed the refresh desktop issue when call Zoom to Width, Zoom to Height.
  • updated OCR engine, the recognizing time will faster than old version 3 times when use OCRStartScan,OCR2SearchableMultipagePDF, OCR2SearchablePDF methods.
  • fixed have not clear PDF Annotation issue. now add PDF Annotation and save to PDF file, then it will clear PDF Annotation.
  • updated BarCode Reader engine, improved the recognizing quality.
  • added RotateAt, TIFExportPages, TIFGetCompressionInfo methods.

  • Version 5.0 (23 Aug 2009 released)
  • added support PDF annotation when save to PDF/A file.
  • added zoom method, it allow set x-axis scale factor and y-axis scale factor.
  • added PDFLoadFromByteArray method, it allow load the PDF from Byte Array.
  • added PDFAddFont, PDFAddImageFromFile, PDFDrawFillRectangle, PDFDrawImage, PDFDrawText, PDFDrawTextAlign, PDFEmbedFont, PDFInitAnnotation, PDFSetTextColor methods.
  • fixed OCR2SearchableMultipagePDF method crash issue when input PDF file.
  • Version 4.5 (26 June 2009 released)
  • added support MNG, JNG, Raw image (cr2, nef , crw, mrw, raf, erf, 3fr, dcr, raw, dng, pef, x3f, arw, sr2, mef, prf) image format
  • added allow rotate multipage TIFF or PDF or rotate specific page no.
  • added allow adjust the DPI when loading PDF file. It may improved the PDF quality when convert PDF to PDF file.
  • added PDFRenderDPIX, PDFRenderDPIY properties.
  • added ClearRotateMultiPageOnly, RotateMultiPage, RotateMultiPageOnly methods.
  • Version 4.0 (15 March 2009 released)
  • added barcode reader plug-in module.
  • improved render pdf file and save to pdf quality.
  • added Median filter for remove noise.
  • added allow save to 1 bit, 4bit, 8bit, 24 bit TIFF with LZW compression.
  • added when call CovertTo1bpp, CovertTo4bpp, CovertTo8bpp, CovertTo8bppGrayScale, CovertTo16bppRGB555, CovertTo16bppRGB565, CovertTo24bpp, CovertTo32bpp, CovertTo32bppARGB methods, it will affect the file size when output TIFF or PDF file.
  • added draw overlay text or image can draw on specific page only.
  • updated Blur effect.
  • added BarCodeGetScore, BarCodeGetType, BarCodeGetValue, BarCodeReadByZone, BarCodeReadFullPage, ClearDrawPageOnly, DrawPageOnly, Median methods.
  • updated Blur methods.
    Version 3.6
  • added support securing a PDF document using 40 bit, 128 bit RC4 encryption and owner, user password.
  • added support adjust standard PDF permissions.
  • added PDFSetEncryption128bit, PDFSetEncryption40bit, PDFSetPassword methods.
    Version 3.5
  • added allow change color resolution.
  • added CovertTo1bpp, CovertTo4bpp, CovertTo8bpp, CovertTo8bppGrayScale, CovertTo16bppRGB555, CovertTo16bppRGB565, CovertTo24bpp, CovertTo32bpp, CovertTo32bppARGB methods.
  • added allow center the image. Set the view property to 12, it will center the image.
  • added TIFMergeMultiFiles method.
  • added allow output searchable PDF/a file when use OCR Plug-In Module.
  • added OCR2SearchableMultipagePDF, OCR2SearchablePDF methods with OCR Plug-In Module.
    Version 3.0
  • improved PDF display engine, support PDF 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 or later.
  • added loading PDF file with password protection.
  • added return the PDF information when loading PDF file. PDFAuthor,PDFCreatedDate,PDFUserPassword,PDFOwnerPassword,PDFIsEncrypted, PDFModifiedDate, PDFProducer, PDFTitle, PDFVersion properties.
  • added PDFExtractText method. It can extract text from PDF file.
  • added PDFOutputPDFA property.
  • fixed the outputed PDF/A file ,can't open with adode reader issue.
    Version 2.5
  • added OCR plug-in module.
  • fixed when filename="" unlock issue.
    Version 2.1
  • improved Image2PDF method conversion speed. Now it will faster than old version.
  • fixed when loading some TIFF crash issue.
    Version 2.0
  • added Support Import/ Export Wang Annotation tags to text file.
  • improved output GIF quality and allow set transparent color.
  • added LoadFromByteArray, DrawSelectionRect methods.
  • added allow set color mode , print size, print copies, print orientation, print quality programatically when called PrintImage2Printer.