Version 14.0 (4 August 2021 released) 

Version 13.5 (2 March 2021 released) 

Version 13.0 (14 December 2020 released) 

Version 12.5 (30 March 2020 released) 

Version 12.0 (13 October 2019 released) 

Version 11.5 (25 June 2018 released) 

Version 11.0 (26 November 2017 released) 

  • updated DIVX AVI, MPEG2, VOB, MPEG1, M2TS, MKV decoder, now support count the number of audio tracks, get the audio track name and select playback specific audio track .
  • added support step frame backward and forward (frame by frame) in DIVX AVI, MP4, MOV, M4V, MPEG2, MPEG1, VOB, M2TS, MKV, DIVX video files.
  • added DIVX AVI decoder, now playback DIVX AVI file, it does not need installed divx codec.
  • fixed MP4 decoder, when preview the MP4 video, At the end some frame are missing.
  • renamed  MP4SelectStream, MP4GetStreamName, MP4GetStreamCount methods to AudioTrackSelectStream,AudioTrackGetName, AudioTrackGetCount methods.
  • removed VOBSelectStream, VOBGetStreamName, VOBGetStreamCount methods. Now use AudioTrackSelectStream,AudioTrackGetName, AudioTrackGetCount methods.
  • improved change VOB audio stream speed when preview, In old version need about 10 seconds. Now need 1-2 second only.
  • fixed error message when open VB6 General, GeneralEVR, GeneralVMR9 sample.
  • fixed cannot snapshot issue when set UseVMR9 = False.
  • added allow select audio track, step backward and forward with C# 2015, C# 2010, VB6, VB.NET 2010, VB.NET 2015, VC , Delphi  General, GeneralEVR, GeneralVMR9 sample.   
  • updated picturebox lock the image file issue when click snapshot button with  C# 2015, C# 2010, VB.NET 2015, VB.NET 2010 sample.
  • Version 10.8 (18 August 2017 released) 

  • added Support count the number of audio tracks, get the audio track name and select playback specific audio track in MP4, MOV, M4V video files.
  • added MP4SelectStream, MP4GetStreamName, MP4GetStreamCount methods
  • Updated StepFrame, StepFramePro methods,  Now playback MP4, MOV, M4V video, it support Step backward or forward frame by frame
  • added support playback streaming MPEG1, MPEG2, MP4, MOV, M2TS video, it does not need download whole video before playback. (need purchased streaming MP4, MOV, MPEG1, MPEG2, M2TS plug-in)
  • added support set UseVMR9 = true or false for playback when called StreamingLoadFromURL
  • added version resource in ReadMP4ChaptersDLL.dll  , otherwise some anti-virus software will report this file have virus.
  • added C#2010, C#2015 streaming MPEG1, MPEG2, MP4, MOV, M2TS video samples.
  • updated C#2010, C#2015, VB.NET 2010, VB.NET 2015, VB6, General , General VMR9, General EVR Player samples.
  • Version 10.5 (24 February 2017 released) 

  • added support Enhanced Video Renderer. It  has better performance and better quality.Support OS for Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8, Windows 10.
  • fixed MP4 MOV Streaming plugin display invalid format issue.
  • added UseEVR property.
  • added C# 2010, VB.NET 2010, VB6, VC, VFP GeneralEVR samples.

  • Version 10.0 (25 October 2016 released) 

  • added support unicode file name for AVI, WMV, MPEG1, DAT, MPEG2, VOB, WAV, MP3, MID, MOV, MP4, FLV, F4V, DVIX file.
  • added read chapters features from video file. e.g. MP4 , MKV file. Get the chapters name and time and go to specific chapter.
  • compatible with latest Video Edit Gold SDK dll files. You may using both control in same form.
  • remove viscomwmvp.dll in installer, set default value of UseMsWMVParser property is true. Fixed cannot playback some wmv file issue.
  • added ChapterOpenFile , ChapterReadChapterCount, ChapterReadChapterName, ChapterReadChapterTime, ChapterCloseFile methods.  
  • added VB.NET 2015, C# 2015 samples.
  • added VB6, VB.NET 2010, VB.NET 2015 ReadChapter sample.

  • Version 9.8 (02 February 2016 released) 

  • fixed flash overlay crash issue when run on delphi.
  • fixed flash overlay filter auto loaded when load the video. 
  • added delphi samples, decoder filter, flash overlay, volumeboost samples.

  • Version 9.7 (12 September 2015 released) 

  • rewrite MP4 decoder, now get good performance and quality.
  • fixed cannot playback MPEG2, VOB video on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.
  • fixed playback some MP4 video, it have gray screen.
  • fixed playback some MP4 video, the displayed video is played too slow and jerky. 

  • Version 9.6 (26 June 2015 released) 

  • added new MP4, MOV, M4V decoder, now it can playback these video without installed quick time player.
  • added support change playback rate of MP4, MOV, M4V videos.
  • fixed decode video issue when create multiple instance of ActiveX.
  • fixed cannot snapshot when useVMR9 = false and overlay flash file.

  • Version 9.5 (2 January 2015 released)

  • Support change the left audio channel, right audio channel or both audio channels. Use this feature can remove the vocals from Karaoke video. 
  • added VolumeAudioChannel property.
  • updated VB6, VC , C#2010, VB.NET 2010, Delphi samples.

  • Version 9.2 (11 March 2014 released)

  • added Support volume boost and Auto Gain, Normalize, surround control, voice control features.
  • fixed cannot playback vob file on windows 7, windows 8 if third party mpeg2 decoder installed.
  • fixed open same video few times, sometimes crash issue.
  • fixed cannot playback vob file when you VMR7.
  • added UseVolumeBoost , VolumeAutoGain , VolumeExpandStereo, VolumeGain, VolumeNormalize, VolumeNormalizeMatrix, VolumeVoiceControl properties.
  • added vb6, 2010, c# 2010 volume boost samples.

  • Version 9.1 (17 July 2013 released)

  • fixed when playback MKV video and set VMR9=false, the duration is 0 issue. 

  • Version 9.0 (16 November 2012 released)

  • added support playback flash file (swf file).
  • added support Overlay Flash File(swf file) on video and keep the transparent color.
  • added support step backward and step forward frame by frame.
  • added Support output video and audio signal to Decklink cards.
  • added ExternalRenderer, UseExternalPlayoutCard, UseFlashOverlay properties.
  • added ExternalPlayOutGetRendererCount , ExternalPlayOutGetRendererName, FlashOverlayAdd, FlashOverlayClearAll, StepFramePro method.
  • updated the samples. 
  • support on Window 8.

  • Version 8.8 (20 May 2012 released)

  • fixed when set UsePitchTempo = true for delphi in window 7 or vista, it will display floating point overflow issue.
  • fixed powerbuilder crash issue.
  • updated delphi sample.

  • Version 8.7 (28 March 2012 released)

  • fixed locked MP4, M4V, MOV, 3GP, AMR issue after playback these files.
  • added support playback MKV, DIVX if purchased our plugin.
  • added key down, key up event when full screen mode.
  • added FullScreenKeyDown, FullScreenKeyUp events.
  • updated samples.

  • Version 8.6 (10 February 2012 released)

  • fixed if set UseVMR9 property = false,  display full screen , then close full screen mode, it will show the black screen in Window 7 64 bit.
  • updated c#2010, 2010 samples.

    Version 8.5 (15 December 2011 released)

  • added allow use VMR 7 or VMR9 Renderer, some computer cannot use VMR9 Renderer, so use VMR7 Renderer feature is useful.
  • added AVCHD decoder support .mts, .m2t extension.
  • added digital signed for ocx and exectuable of installer files.
  • added c# 2010 and 2010 samples and fixed cannot run on 64 bit OS issue.
  • added UseVMR9 property.

    Version 8.2 (5 June 2011 released)

  • added support playback streaming MP4, MOV video from URL, get the buffered percentage, file size, available data, download rate information. (need purchased streaming MP4, MOV plug-in)
  • added support get the Video/Audio Information, e.g. Video bitrate, Audio bitrate, Audio Channels, Audio Sample Rate, Frame rate, Video Width, Video Height, Container Name, Video Codec Name, Audio Codec Name, Number of video stream and audio stream information.
  • Fixed playback some F4V video, it seem have slow motion issue.
  • added AudioBitrate, AudioChannels, AudioSampleRate, AudioStreamCount, AudioStreamFormat, MediaContainerName, VideoBitrate, VideoStreamCount, VideoStreamFormat properties.
  • added StreamingAutoPlayAfterBuffered, StreamingGetDownloadedSize, StreamingGetFileSize, StreamingLoadFromURL, StreamingPause, StreamingPlay, StreamingSetPos, StreamingStop methods.
  • added OnStreamingBuffered, OnStreamingErrorMsg, OnStreamingStatus events.

    Version 8.0 (18 Dec 2010 released)

  • added support select specific decoder or filter some decoder  (A user might install several decoders that are capable of decoding a particular file), you may add specific decoder to blacklist or whitelist. In past, the user may not playback some media file when multiple decoders are available, because windows uses the Intelligent Connect algorithm to select the decoder.
  • Support list all filters for current graph.
  • Support list all third party decoder available for particular file. This information is useful when some media file cannot playback correctly.
  • added allow unload the video, clear the screen.
  • added DecoderAdd2BlackList, DecoderAdd2WhiteList, DecoderClearBlackList, DecoderClearWhiteList, GetCurGraphFilterName, GetThirdPartyDecoderCount, GetThirdPartyDecoderName, GetDecoderFilterType methods.
  • added unloadfile method.
  • added DecoderFilterType, UseDecoderFilter properties.

    Version 7.5 (2 Aug 2010 released)

  • fixed playback m4v file cannot hearing the audio issue.
  • updated f4v, flv decoder, fixed cannot playback some f4v, flv files issue.
  • added allow select audio stream when playback multi-language or karaoke vob or mpeg2 file.
  • added allow list all streams for vob or mpeg2 file.
  • added allow use microsoft wmv parser, it may solved cannot playback some wmv file issue.
  • added UseMsWMVParser property.
  • added VOBGetStreamCount, VOBGetStreamName, VOBSelectStream methods.
  • updated samples.

  • Version 7.0 (23 May 2010 released)

  • fixed load mp3 file, it cannot return correct duration issue.
  • improved playback CDG file, cannot hear the audio issue when installed third party karaoke CDG filter.

    Version 6.8 (28 Oct 2009 released)

  • Added allow add F4V decoder plug-in, allow playback F4V (for flash player 9.5[plus] ) file.
  • fixed some mov files(H.264 codec, 4800Hz sample rate) cannot playback and audio sync issue. Now support HD mov, support 6-channel audio mov file.
  • redesign ChangePitch, ChangeTempo methods, now it is very stable, fixed crash issue with some video file.

    Version 6.6 (8 Sep 2009 released)

  • Added allow add AVCHD decoder plug-in, allow playback AVCHD (m2ts, ts) file.
  • Fast AVCHD decoder, support Real-time, high resolution AVCHD 1920x1080 video playback.

    Version 6.5 (2 April 2009 released)

  • Added allow show Full screen mode, now it can using keyboard key or mouse button to close the full screen.
  • Added ShowFullScreen, IsFullScreen methods.
  • Added ClearFullScreenKey, ClearFullScreenMouseButton, ClearFullScreenType properties.
  • Added MouseEnter, MouseLeave events.

    Version 6.0
  • Added allow add flv decoder plug-in, allow playback flv file.
  • Added LoadFromByteArray, LoadFromMemory methods. allow load the video from memory.
  • Added SetVideoWin2AspectRatio, SetVideoWin2Owner, SetVideoWin2PopUp, SetVideoWin2Show , SetVideoWin2Style, SetVideoWin2Caption, SetVideoWin2Pos methods.
  • Allow display secondary video window. You may playback two video window in same time. Display pic in pic effect, adjust floating popup window's position.
  • Changed the default audio render to Default DirectSound Device. Because another audio render may affect the audio sync issue.

    Version 5.5
  • Support allow add mpeg2 decoder plug-in for playback vob, mpeg2 file.
    Version 5.0
  • Added allow select different audio renderer/audio device when playback.
  • Added DrawImageFromByteArray and ShowBitmapByteArrayOnDrawText methods.
  • Added StartTime and EndTime properties, it allow playback for specific time range.
    Version 4.6
  • fixed some wmv, asf cannot playback.
    Version 4.5
  • improved mp4, m4v, mov, 3gp decoder supported quick time player 7.2 (old version will cannot hearing audio if user installed quick time player 7.2 or above )
  • improved mp4, m4v, mov, 3gp decoder fully supported on vista.
  • improved crash issue when change audio pitch, tempo.
  • added mp4, mov, 3gp, m4v files support change audio tempo.
    Version 4.0
  • added support amr audio format.
  • WMV, ASF, WMA file support change playback rate.
  • added Video Color Adjustment, contrast, brightness, invert color, saturate, hue, lightness.
    Version 3.5
  • added support 3gp with amr audio, mp4, mov, m4v with aac audio.
    Version 3.0
  • added allow video mixing feature, include user define alpha channel, the layer of video.
  • added change the audio pitch to male, female, child voices.
  • added change the audio tempo to speed up or slow down the song.
  • added Fast Snapshot to BMP,JPG, GIF, TIF, PNG from video files. (DIVX, AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2, MOV, WMV, ASF, 3GP)
  • fixed video refresh issue.
    Version 2.5
  • added allow change playback rate when playback video.
  • added ReleasePictureBox method.
  • added SetMPEG1AudioChannel method .
    Version 2.0
  • added support playback mov, 3gp, mp4 video files