Version 7.3 (29 June 2015)

  • added new MP4, MOV, M4V decoder, now it can playback these video without installed quick time player.
  • fixed decode video issue when create multiple instance of ActiveX. e.g. using the video edit mobile activex on two form.
  • fixed output MP4 video have green bar at bottom issue when convert some video to H264 MP4 video.

  • Version 7.2 (12 January 2014)

  • improved some performance when output H264 MP4 video.
  • fixed sometime crash when output H264 MP4 video.
  • fixed 4:3 or 16:9 ratio issue when output H264 MP4 video. 
  • Version 7.1 (15 December 2011)

  • Fixed cannot playback or convert some youtube FLV, F4V video. Updated FLV, F4V decoder , fixed lost frame issue.
  • added digital signed for ocx and exectuable of installer files.
  • fixed c# 2010 and 2010 samples cannot run on 64 bit OS issue.

    Version 7.0 (28 March 2011)

  • added allow add F4V plugin , then support input F4V video.
  • added support input UNICODE media files, OverlayAddText method support UNICODE.
  • updated AVCHD decoder, fixed cannot decode some m2ts video files.
  • fixed OverlayAddImage, OverlayAddText methods support using on 32bit when set VideoSampleSize =32
  • added support load subtitle file (srt file) and display on video.
  • added support create subtitle file (srt file).
  • added support change audio pitch when call Preview, Save2MP3, Save2WMA, Save2Wave methods
  • redesigned video editing engine.Now support unlimited video tracks and audio tracks.
  • updated when output mov file if the computer have not installed qt player, it will crash issue.
  • added support video mixing and audio mixing.
  • added support chroma key video effect.
  • added support Picture in Picture video effect.
  • added support Picture in Picture with multiple zone video effect.
  • added support Adjust audio volume or add crossfade audio effect at any point on the timeline using unique volume track.
  • improved images or videos transition with background audio sync issue.
  • updated samples show you how to use wmv profile editor activex output HD wmv 9 video.
  • added vs2010, vs2010 c# samples.
  • updated all samples.
  • removed AddBgAudio, AddBgVideo methods.
  • updated AddEffect method allow add effect on specific video track.
  • added AddKeyTransparentEffect, AddPicInPicEffect, AddVideoMixingEffect, AdjustAudioVolume, MultiTrackAddFirstAudio, MultiTrackAddFirstVideo, MultiTrackAddNextAudio,MultiTrackAddNextVideo methods.
  • added SRTMakerAddSubTitle, SRTMakerClear, SRTMakerSave methods, SubTitleLoadFile,SubTitleSetBg, SubTitleSetBgColor, SubTitleSetFont,
    SubTitleSetShadow, SubTitleSetShadowColor, SubTitleSetTextColor, SubTitleSetTopPos methods.
  • added AudioPitchChangeKey method
  • added OverlayType, UseAudioPitch properties.

  • Version 6.2 (4 Jan 2010)


  • fixed some mov files(H.264 codec, 4800Hz sample rate) cannot playback and audio sync issue. Now support HD mov
  • added allow transcode to H.264 video.
  • Support transcode to 720x480, 720x576, 1280x720, 1920x1080 H.264 HD video.
  • Custom define H.264 video/audio bitrate, frame rate, audio sample rate, audio channels.

    Version 6.0 (20 Sep 2009)

  • added allow change the frame rate when output flv video.
  • added allow add AVCHD video (m2ts, ts, m2t, mts) decoder plugin for transcode AVCHD video.
  • added 13 samples.
  • added 14 vbscript samples.
  • added InitSingleServerLicense, IsFileExising, NoUIPreviewWhenConvert,
  • NoUISetVideoWndPos, NoUISetVideoWndStyle, NoUIVideoWndCaption methods.

    Version 5.5 (16 July 2009)

  • added allow use MPEG layer 3 audio codec when output avi file and adjust mp3 bitrate, sample rate value.
  • added allow adjust the audio volume when preview the video.
  • GetFrame, GetFrame2HBITMAP, GetFrame2Picture, GetFrameBySize, GetFrameBySize2HBitmap, GetFrameBySize2Picture methods support FLV and DIVX video.
  • fixed temp file have not clear issue when output FLV file.
  • added ResizeControl method, it allow resize the display area.
  • added AVIMP3Bitrate, AVIMP3SampleRate, SoundVolume properties

    Version 5.0

  • redesign overlay text, overlay image engine. Now it can display text or image smoothly , control fade in, fade out, shadow effect.
  • added allow add overlay text or image at specific time.
  • added scrolling banner text on video, allow to control the scrolling direction, scrolling speed, font, font size, font style, text color, background color, alpha blending value.
  • removed OutlineText, TextureBrushImage,HashBrush Text, DrawText, DrawImage methods.
  • added OverlayAddText, OverlayAddImage, OverlayDelAll, OverlaySetFont, OverlaySetSpeed, OverlaySetState, OverlaySetTextBgColor,OverlaySetTextColor, OverlaySetTextScrollDir,OverlaySetTextShadow methods.

    Version 4.5
  • added support input vob file.
  • redesign mpeg2 decoder, increased the performance.

    Version 4.0
  • redesign the transitions engine, now you can create video slideshow or image slideshow more easy.

    Version 3.5
  • improved mp4, mov, 3gp decoder supported quick time player 7.2 (old version will cannot hearing audio if user installed quick time player 7.2 or above )
  • improved mp4, mov, 3gp decoder fully supported vista

    Version 3.0
  • added allow support input MPEG2 video.

    Version 2.0
  • added support input FLV and output 3GP, FLV video.

    Version 1.5
  • added support output PSP video.