Image Thumbnail CP SDK ActiveX

Image Thumbnail CP SDK ActiveX 8.0

Platform : Windows 10, Windows 8, Vista, Windows 7, XP

For Windows Developers who need to display image thumbnail browser in C#, C , VB.NET , VB6, Delphi, MS access, VFP.

Image Thumbnail CP SDK ActiveX 6.0 Released (25 May, 2020)

  • added  support Get PDF information, PDF Width and Height, Total PDF Page, PDF Author, PDF Title, PDF Subject, PDF Keyword, PDF Version Number,PDF Modify Date and Creation Date

  • updated PDF Decoder, added PDFScaleRatio property. it can set the specific scale ratio of PDF when loading the PDF file.

  • added GetClipPageNumber, GetClipPDFAuthor, GetClipPDFCreationDate, GetClipPDFHeight, GetClipPDFKeyword, GetClipPDFModifyDate,  GetClipPDFProducer, GetClipPDFSubject, GetClipPDFTitle, GetClipPDFTotalPage, GetClipPDFVersionNo, GetClipPDFWidth methods.

  • added C#2019, VB.NET 2019 samples.

  • updated VB6, VFP, VB.NET 2010, C# 2010 samples.