VideoCap Live Streaming SDK ActiveX

VideoCap Live Streaming SDK ActiveX 11.1

Platform : Windows 10, Windows 8, Vista, Windows 7, XP

For Windows Developers who need to video capture and Live Streaming to Facebook Live, Youtube Live,  Twitch or Wowza Media Server with C#, VB.NET, VB6, VFP, Delphi, C++ .

VideoCap Live SDK ActiveX 3.0 Released

  • improved the sync issue when output avi, wmv file.
  • added select different sync mode.
  • added allow custom define video format(resolution)
  • improved show full screen mode and allow using keyboard key or mouse button to close the full screen.
  • updated ShowVideoCapturePropertyPage, ShowVideoFormatPropertyPage, ShowAudioCapturePropertyPage, ShowCrossbarPropertyPage methods. it can set the window handle of parent window.
  • added allow drawimage from HBITMAP handle.
  • added SyncMode, SyncStreamOffset properties
  • added UseOverlay, ClearFullScreenKey, ClearFullScreenMouseButton, ClearFullScreenType, CustomVideoColorFormat, CustomVideoHeight, CustomVideoWidth, ReceivedFullScreenHWnd properties.
  • added DeleteImageHandle, DrawImageHandle methods.
  • added CustomVideoFormatError, FullScreenKeyDown, FullScreenKeyup events.