Video Edit Mobile SDK ActiveX

Video Edit Mobile SDK ActiveX 7.3

Platform : Windows 9X, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

For Windows Developers who need to transcode high quality audio and video files playable on most mobile devices such as the 3GP, FLV, H.264, iPod, PSP in ASP,, Adobe Director, Php, C#, C  , , VB, Delphi.

Video Edit Mobile SDK ActiveX 7.0 Released

  • added allow add F4V plugin , then support input F4V video.
  • added support input UNICODE media files, OverlayAddText method support UNICODE.
  • updated AVCHD decoder, fixed cannot decode some m2ts video files.
  • fixed OverlayAddImage, OverlayAddText methods support using on 32bit when set VideoSampleSize =32
  • added support load subtitle file (srt file) and display on video.
  • added support create subtitle file (srt file).
  • added support change audio pitch when call Preview, Save2MP3, Save2WMA, Save2Wave methods
  • redesigned video editing engine.Now support unlimited video tracks and audio tracks.
  • updated when output mov file if the computer have not installed qt player, it will crash issue.
  • added support video mixing and audio mixing.
  • added support chroma key video effect.
  • added support Picture in Picture video effect.
  • added support Picture in Picture with multiple zone video effect.
  • added support Adjust audio volume or add crossfade audio effect at any point on the timeline using unique volume track.
  • improved images or videos transition with background audio sync issue.
  • updated samples show you how to use wmv profile editor activex output HD wmv 9 video.
  • added vs2010, vs2010 c# samples.
  • updated all samples.
  • removed AddBgAudio, AddBgVideo methods.
  • updated AddEffect method allow add effect on specific video track.
  • added AddKeyTransparentEffect, AddPicInPicEffect, AddVideoMixingEffect, AdjustAudioVolume, MultiTrackAddFirstAudio, MultiTrackAddFirstVideo, MultiTrackAddNextAudio,MultiTrackAddNextVideo methods.
  • added SRTMakerAddSubTitle, SRTMakerClear, SRTMakerSave methods, SubTitleLoadFile,SubTitleSetBg, SubTitleSetBgColor, SubTitleSetFont,
    SubTitleSetShadow, SubTitleSetShadowColor, SubTitleSetTextColor, SubTitleSetTopPos methods.
  • added AudioPitchChangeKey method
  • added OverlayType, UseAudioPitch properties.