.Net Image Viewer SDK

.Net Image Viewer SDK 1.1

Platform : Windows 10, Windows 8, Vista, Windows 7, XP

With Viscomsoft .NET Image Viewer SDK, you can easily add powerful imaging capability to your applications. 100% Managed Code.  




Advantage of Viscomsoft .NET Image Viewer SDK:

  • Try before you buy - All Viscom trial versions are identical to the registered versions so you can fully evaluate, test and work with the product before purchasing.
  • Increased development speed - The object-oriented structure, over 190 imaging function and simple syntax, which can cut down development time.
  • 100 % Managed Code - Performance benefits gained from executing all code in the CLR. Calling unmanaged code decreases performance because additional security checks are required. Automatic lifetime control of objects, which includes garbage collection and scalability features.
  • Royalty-free - All our products are 100% royalty free. No runtime cost and additional cost.
  • Frequent Update - We always improving our products and add new features, let your application more competitive.
  • Free support - We provide free email support for life.
  • Extensions - Later if your application need add 1D Barcode reader, QR Bacode reader , just purchase these SDK, without purchase new component.
  • Multiple development tools - It can be used within any Windows development environment that supports .NET libraries  from Delphi 4 to Visual Studio 2012, including RAD Studio (Delphi and C builder), Visual Basic 6, VBA, Visual C , Delphi, Visual FoxPro, PHP, ASP, XBasic, Microsoft Word, Excel & Access, Realbasic, WinDev, C#, J#, VB.NET and many others.