Movie Player Pro SDK ActiveX

Movie Player Pro SDK ActiveX

Platform : Windows 10, Windows 8, Vista, Windows 7, XP

It is a Windows Media Player SDK that support change playback rate, draw overlay image, swf file and text with C# , VB.NET , C++ , VB, Delphi, Vfp, Ms Access.

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Bug Fixes - Movie Player Pro SDK ActiveX: cannot display first frame when load the video


For Movie Player Pro SDK ActiveX , When you set UseVMR9=true and open video file, it cannot display first frame.

Steps to Reproduce Behavior

1. download the sample video from  , unzip it.
2. run VB.NET 2010 GeneralVMR9 Sample.
3. click Select Media File button, select the mp4sample.mp4 ,  it cannot display first frame on video window.


Viscomsoft has confirmed this to be a bug in the Movie Player Pro SDK ActiveX. This bug has been fixed in Movie Player Pro SDK ActiveX 13.5.