Windows Phone Collages Maker

Windows Phone Collages Maker

Platform : Windows Phone 8

Easy to use and funny Collage Maker, it is amazing and free, easy way to make the collages, shared the photo to social networks.

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Windows Phone 8 Programming tutorial 1 - Beginner guide

Before you can develop a Windows Phone 8 app, you'll need to install the followings

  • Windows 8
  • Windows Phone SDK 8.0 or above
  • Need Windows 8 Pro edition or greater if you need running Windows Phone 8 Emulator. You may not need upgrade to Windows 8 Pro edition if you have Windows phone. 

During installation, you may see this message: 

If you have not Windows Phone, you need see this link
How to enable Hyper-V for the Windows Phone Emulator

After installed Windows Phone SDK, run following icon to launched Visual Sutio Express 2012 for Windows Phone.


Click New Project..., Select Windows Phone App

Select Windows Phone OS 8.0

Now you will see the UI for your Windows Phone app, you may drag the control to the Page, change the background color.

In left size, you may click the Toolbox, Drag the Button control to your Page.
You may change the caption of button, select Content property , change to "Test1"
double click the button. In Click event write following code
 MessageBox.Show("clicked button1");

You may select running the app on Emulator or Device, ( Device mean Windows Phone if you connected to your Windows Phone) 
Press F5 to running your app, if you selected Emulator , you will see following screen, select Retry.
Finally it will display Windows Phone Emulator and run your app.  You may tap the button and see the message box.

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Download this tutorial sample