.NET PDF Viewer Pro SDK

.NET PDF Viewer Pro SDK

Platform : Windows 10, Windows 8, Vista, Windows 7

With .NET PDF Viewer Pro SDK , the developer can easily add Continuous scroll (like in Adobe Reader) , search for text on pdf and tiff viewer capability to their applications with VB6, C#, VB.NET, VFP, C++ and more.

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VB6 - PDF viewer with continuous scrolling

Step 1: To install the .NET PDF Viewer Pro SDK, begin by launching the setup file (dotnet_pdf_viewer_pro_sdk_setup.exe). Select the desired installation folder for the .NET PDF Viewer SPro DK and continue with the installation on your development computer.

Step 2:  Make sure your computer installed .NET runtime.

Step 3:  Launch Visual Basic 6.0. Select  New Project, Select  Standard EXE. 

Step 4:  Select Project - References... , Select Viscomsoft_PDFViewer and Viscomsoft_PDFViewerControl

Step 5: In form designer, resize the form using the mouse, let the form larger.


Step 6: At the top of the Form1 (Code), add the following code statements to the top of the page

 Public pdfviewer As VBControlExtender

Step 7: In form resize event, add the following code:

If Not pdfviewer Is Nothing Then
    pdfviewer.Left = 0
    pdfviewer.Top = 0
    pdfviewer.Width = Me.Width - 250
    pdfviewer.Height = Me.Height
    pdfviewer.Visible = True
End If
Step 8:  In form load event, add the following code to loading the PDF file, make sure you enter correct path of your PDF file:

Dim doc1 As New PDFDocument
doc1.Open "c:\yourfile.pdf"

pdfviewer.object.PDFView.Document = doc1
pdfviewer.object.PDFView.ContinuousPages = True
pdfviewer.object.PDFView.gotoPage 1

Step 9:  Press F5 to Run the project , now it can loading and display the PDF document.

Step 10: Download the sample source code from VB6_PDF_Continuous_Scrolling.zip