Digital Signage Desktop Software - AV Manager Network Version

Digital Signage Desktop Software - AV Manager Network Version

Platform : Windows 10, Windows 8, Vista, Windows 7, XP

It is Digital Signage Desktop Software / Content Management Software. It can play back various types of media with your monitor, everything can be uploaded to the monitor.

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Beginner Quick Start Guide for Digital Signage Software - AV Manager Network Version

Follow these steps to setup AV Manager Network Version.

  • AV Manager Installation
  • AV Scheduler Installation
  • FTP Server Installation
  • Configuration FTP user name and password for AV Manager 
  • AV Scheduler Registration 

AV Manager Installation
1. AV Manager software to create contents, schedules, upload the schedule to specific AV Scheduler Computer. Download the AV Manager software from , unzip it and run avmanagerdemonetworksetup.exe on computer A.


AV Scheduler Installation

1. AV Scheduler software to display the contents, received schedule from AV Manager software. Download the AV Scheduler software from , unzip it and run avschedulerdemonetworksetup.exe on computer B. Make sure it have network connection between computer A and computer B.


FTP Server Installation

In AV Scheduler computer, you need installed FTP server, you may use Windows built-in FTP server or third party FTP server. FileZilla FTP server is freeware, you may download from

Select Download FileZilla Server icon. After downloaded the FileZilla FTP server installer, run FileZilla FTP server installer,

1. The following screen appears:

Click I Agree to continue.

2. Click Next to continue.

3.Select Destination Folder, Click Next to continue.

4.Select how FileZilla Server should be started, Click Next to continue. 

Select how the server interface should be started, Click Install to continue. 

6. After installed the FileZilla Server, the following screen appear.

Click OK to continue. 

7.The FileZilla Server interface screen appears.

8.Click the Edit menu and select the Groups menu item. The screen appears.

9.Click Add button and enter admin group name. The screen appears

10.Select Shared folders item in Page listbox and click Add button. You are prompted to select folder.
select C:\Program Files\Viscom Software\AV Scheduler Network Version ,it is FTP server home directory. 
Assume you installed AV Scheduler in the default location.
If you do not have installed AV scheduler Network Version, please installed it first.

The screen appears

11. Click Add button, You are prompted to select folder.
select C:\Program Files\Viscom Software\AV Scheduler Network Version\Data
The screen appears

12. Select Write checkbox and Delete checkbox for C:\Program Files\Viscom Software\AV Scheduler Network Version\Data item. The screen appears

13. Click Add button. You are prompted to select folder.
select C:\Program Files\Viscom Software\AV Scheduler Network Version\Schedule, The screen appears

14. Select Write and Delete checkbox for C:\Program Files\Viscom Software\AV Scheduler Network Version\Schedule item. The screen appears

If you have not set the FTP server home directory to correct path or you have not set the Schedule and Data folder correctly. Later you upload the schedule from AV Manager may display the following error.

15. Click the Edit menu and select the Users menu item. The screen appears

16. Click Add button , enter avmanager user name and select admin group. The screen appears

17. Select Password checkbox and enter avmanager. The screen appears

18. If the FileZilla Server running on window 7,vista or your window installed firewall. You need allow FileZilla Server through WIndows FireWall.
Select Control Panel - Window Firewall, select Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall option, Select Allow another program... 
The screen appears

19. Click Browse... button and select C:\Program Files\FileZilla Server\FileZilla server.exe, The screen appears

Click Add button to continue

20. Then you will see the FileZilla Server in allowed programs and features list, The screen appears.

You may checking whether find the AV Scheduler in allowed programs and features list. AV Scheduler must added to programs and features list. Click OK to confirm.

Configuration FTP user name and password for AV Manager

1. Now you launch AV Manager Network Version in computer A. Click the Maintenance menu and select the System Configuration menu item. UnSelect Anonymous Login checkbox, enter the UserID to avmanager and Password to avmanager

The screen appears

AV Scheduler Registration

1. Launch the AV Manager on computer A and launch AV Scheduler on computer B and enter the IP Address of AV Manager and enter the Display Unit Name (e.g. testdisplay), If your computer have firewall, select Allow access.

After connected to AV Manager. You should see black screen in AV scheduler computer.

2. Finally you may upload our event01 schedule to AV scheduler from AV Manager. If you still encountered any problems, you may refer Diagnose AV Manager Network Version upload schedule problem