Digital Signage Desktop Software - AV Manager Network Version

Digital Signage Desktop Software - AV Manager Network Version 9.0

Platform : Windows 10, Windows 8, Vista, Windows 7, XP

It is Digital Signage Desktop Software / Content Management Software. It can play back various types of media with your monitor, everything can be uploaded to the monitor.



What is Digital Signage?
Digital signage is the industry term for using digital display technology such as LCD, Plasma, and LED displays to communicate with a target audience.
It is a network of customizable digital displays that you can control electronically using a computer, and allowing you to change your content remotely for the most efficient, effective, targeted messaging possible.

AV Manager is a Multimedia Digital Signage software system which can operate multiple display units (LED/LCD displays, VGA projectors and video walls) remotely across a LAN, WAN or internet. It can control multiple display units located in different parts of the building or across the city from your desktop PC. With AV Manager, VCR, VCD players and CD-ROM are no longer required to connect to each display unit to broadcast advertising contents.

Advantage of AV Manager Digital Signage Software:

  • You can quickly and easily update information on a display rather than spending more money to print the posters
  • Use animation to grab attention.
  • Schedule the information based on the time of the day.
  • Easily manage and update the content yourself rather than relying on a designer.
  • Control hundreds or thousands of displays around the world from one central location.
  • Affordable digital signage software system with no monthly fees.

Digital Signage can be used for a wide variety of businesses. They include restaurants and bars, retail stores, shopping malls, trade shows and conference centers, company lobbies, grocery stores, medical facilities, hotels and motels, theaters, casinos, airports, museums, schools and learning centers.

AV Manager Software success stories extend into various markets and businesses, See our success stories here

Developing your own digital signage network software is a very expensive. If you are software publishers, hardware manufacturers and system integrators. You may consider our OEM license. Then you may build own branded Multimedia Digital Signage software system.

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The screenshot of AV Manager as following: